Gambling is one of the fastest growing and evolving industries today. Statistics show that the total industry profit rose from $37.9 billion to $51.6 billion in just 3 years, which is more than impressive.

One of the main reasons why we’re still seeing a rise in profit in this industry is because of its willingness to try new things. iGaming is highly responsive to new technologies because its future depends on it. For most online casinos, innovation is everything. If they want to stay one step ahead of their direct competitors, owners of online casinos need to constantly think of new and exciting ways to keep their brands in the spotlight. They need to think about engaging audiences on a whole new level.

Everyone basically offers the same type of games with the same rules, so the only real way companies can stand out from the crowd is by exploring new formats and mediums, and making sure that they meet their players’ preferences better and faster than anyone else on the market.

Since the early 90s when online gambling became a thing, casinos have demonstrated their desire to move forward and explore new and unclaimed territories. So far, this particular way of thinking has worked beautifully for numerous brands over the years.

Currently in iGaming, everything revolves around augmented reality and mobile. These are the two biggest areas most gambling brands are willing to explore, and there are pretty good reasons for that.

The Rise of Mobile

Just like augmented reality, mobile continues to grow in importance. In almost every circle, mobile has been one of the hottest topics of discussion.

There are a couple of reasons why:

  • According to DailyMail, the average internet user picks up a mobile device more than 1500 times a week. Using a smartphone has basically become like a second nature for most humans.
  • The number of mobile searches is constantly growing. Google reported that there are currently more searches happening through mobile than desktop devices. 60 percent, to be precise.
  • Mobile-first indexing. Just a year ago, the world’s most popular search engine rolled out a new update and publicly declared that they are now laser-focused on mobile. Google now looks at mobile versions of websites before desktop, which basically means that everyone needs to make sure that their mobile game is on point. If the users are having a difficult time accessing a website on their phones, that particular domain won’t able to keep its positions on the Google’s SERP.

Having these facts in mind, it’s safe to say that mobile is no longer something we should be talked about in future tense.

How User Behavior Changed

The way users access gambling websites has radically changed during these last couple of years. Players are increasingly looking at their smartphone as their go-to devices for surfing the web, killing time, and extracting valuable information from the internet.

It’s their first option, and it makes sense. Why wait to get behind the computer when you can play a round of online poker on your phone whenever you have a couple of minutes to spare, right?

As a concept, mobile casinos are a lot more engaging than desktop casinos. They offer higher long-term value but the thing is – not a lot of gambling sites have successfully adapted to mobile. Having that in mind, investing in the development of mobile gambling platforms will surely give casinos a competitive edge over their rivals, as well as help them claim a whole new market of players.

For every online casino out there, mobile needs to climb to the top of their priority list. Just like in any other business – where consumers go, brands need to follow. If they want to survive, online gambling companies should start heavily investing in the development of mobile platforms and high-quality games that provide people with exceptional experience on their mobiles.

Millennials in particular enjoy mobile gambling experiences that not only provide excitement and great user experience, but they also have an exciting storyline within and are packed into an attractive design, which makes them coming back for more.

Mobile 2.0: Search for a Better Mobile Experience

So far, the iGaming community hasn’t yet fully embraced mobile. The graphics and game engines of most brands still don’t really pass the mobile test, which is a shame, because currently, this is definitely the fastest and safest way of securing new players.

Online casinos need to fully embrace mobile platforms and work to make their overall player experience with their mobile games as good as possible.  

The reason why mobile is slowly becoming the norm in iGaming lies in the following:

  • Convenience is the key: players became accustomed to instant gratification
  • Solid infrastructure of Wifi and other network solutions enabled fast access to the Internet, anytime and anywhere
  • Security of in-app payments has improved, which ensures a peace of mind for the players in terms of data protection
  • Mobile gamers convert 1.9X faster than Web players

In addition to all of the above mentioned, we can expect mobile betting platforms to continue merging with social platforms, therefore offering a more fun and engaging playing experience, spiced up with the social moment. Players will expect to be able to communicate with other players via chat, access live statistics, and enjoy impressive visuals or animations. With mobile gambling apps developing at rapid speed, players will have a lot of casinos to choose from. This is why wooing them will become an imperative for casino owners.

If casinos continue to ignore the power and potential of the mobile gaming marketing, it’s only a matter of time when they start to fall behind and go through significant revenue losses. They need to create innovative and personalized betting experiences on mobile and provide excitement through live bets.

Over to You

A lot of casinos have survived the big move to digital only because they’ve followed trends and adapted to the change in climate. Keeping a close ear to the ground and listening to the players is the key staying at float in this industry. Making an even better experience for their players across the full range of handheld devices is definitely worth the effort.

Affiliates operating in iGaming should be well aware of these trends for more than one reason. Mainly, they should be careful of who they choose to promote and how, and be open to new strategic partnerships in the future – with operators who recognize the importance of adjusting their businesses to real behavior of their players.

If we take in mind the continuous adoption of mobile devices and the undeniable shift from desktop engagement to mobile – both affiliates, providers, and operators need to adjust their sails to this new wind.