Generating traffic is becoming a bigger issue for most online business professionals. Especially those who make their bread and butter through affiliate marketing. Traffic growth and management play crucial roles in your success. If you fail to get the right type of people to visit your pages and convert on your offers, you’ll find yourself in a difficult situation.

Unfortunately for everyone in the affiliate business, generating the right type of traffic is often easier said than done. The competition is ridiculously high, especially in the iGaming industry today. There are way too many gambling websites out there that bend over backward to animate players into spending money on their website. Thanks to that, the players have become quite selective about where they’re going to spend their money.

This change in behavior has put a lot of pressure on affiliates and forced everyone in the industry to alter their approach to marketing. Gone are the days when affiliates could rely on basic advertisements and stale marketing tactics to convince people into positively reacting to their offers.

If they want to survive in this business, modern affiliates need to throw away their old playbooks and start focusing on practices that not only encourage current players to play specific games on specific domains, but to educate them why these websites and brands are actually worth their attention. And of course – what makes them different and better than the competition.

Hello, Content Marketing

Content marketing is currently one of the most powerful and effective techniques for reaching out to audiences and getting them to trust and remember specific brands. It costs 60 percent less than any other outbound marketing tactic and it brings in 3 times as many leads and sales.

According to research conducted by Dragon Search Marketing, more than 60 percent of all Internet users are influenced by content. They use it to educate themselves and understand everything there is about specific products and services that interest them.

For most people, content is now the go-to resource for extracting valuable information and forming opinions on any number of subjects. If you invest enough hard work into the development of your content and make sure that your material contains relevant arguments that effectively communicate your worth to the right audience – you’ll surely see a significant increase in revenue from your efforts in this department.

A lot of affiliates are now investing heavily in content because it pays off. There are numerous success cases (like NerdWallet, MoneySavingExpert, The Wirecutter, Dating Advice, PC Part Picker, 50em, etc.) that prove that content marketing can become your ultimate weapon if you do it right.

Before you get too excited and start producing tons and tons of content, it’s important to underline the fact that content itself doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t hit the mark. The secret to success in this domain is directly tied to your ability to tell the right stories to the right people, and in the right format. In order to do that, you’ll need to develop a detailed strategy for your content.

Even though only 37 percent of all marketers have a documented content strategy, there are still plenty of solid arguments that prove that you need to plan your efforts ahead in this department. You need to constantly monitor your success and adjust your approach based on the right numbers. Here’s what to bear in mind.

1. Clear Objectives / Intelligent Budget Management

If you want to work more effectively, more economically, and more sanely, you need to come up with a genuine plan that will help you reach the right people.

Your content can’t make an impact on people if you don’t provide them with the type of material which they want to consume. In order to justify your efforts and make sure that your content actually brings results, you first need to learn more about the people you’re trying to reach.

Every successful content strategy is built on the same foundation: detailed user personas. It’s of greatest importance to know who your ideal prospects are, what motivates them, and what problems are you able to solve for them through your content. Apart from that, understanding which channels they use and how they consume information will significantly help in your mission to make your content your most valuable marketing weapon.

Even if you don’t hit the mark at first, over time, you content performance will help you refine your strategy and teach you how to get closer to the people you’re trying to win over.

Gut feelings, hunches, and guesses shouldn’t really run your content. If you want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your work here, you need to look for actual success patterns that you can replicate down the road. This way, you’ll increase the chances of your future pieces hit their targets.

2. Measurable Goals – Understanding How to Reach the Place Where You Want to Be

Understanding what you want to achieve with content marketing and how to do that is what making a strategy is all about.

Every single one of your content goals requires a different approach. It’s nearly impossible to do a little bit of everything and expect things to magically work out for the best.

To make sure you’re on the right track and that all of the tactics and activities you’re deploying are aligned with your ultimate goal, you need a map. A documented content strategy helps you identify all the right KPIs and set realistic goals so that you maintain accountability and measurement standards.

Every content strategy is usually made out of the following elements:

  • Goals and definitions
  • Keyword strategy
  • Editorial calendar
  • Media planning and guest blogging
  • Key metrics that help you track your effort and interpret their success

3. Improving Quality

The Internet is oversaturated with content. According to the latest statistics, around 4 million blog posts get published every day online. You only have like a millisecond to get on people’s radar and intrigue them to read your material instead of your competitor’s.

In order to achieve that, your content needs to be filled with the right type of information for the right type of users. Even though there are cases where affiliates accidentally came up with something that went viral, it’s nearly impossible to get long-term results if you don’t have a crystal idea on who you are targeting.

A strong content strategy will help you focus more energy on coming up with stronger content ideas that check all the boxes on your desired readers’ checklist and gently push them towards making a conversion.

4. Trial and Error – Perfecting the Formula and Staying Relevant on this Ever-Changing Landscape

Crafting the perfect content strategy is not a one-time project. It’s not document that you make and then blindly follow until the day you die. Not everything should be set in stone. It’s important to maintain a certain level of flexibility and stay open to new things, especially because the affiliate landscape is ever-changing, and so is the behaviour of players.

Regardless of how good your strategy might look like once you finish it, you still need to make room for adjustments down the road. Whether it’s experimenting with new platforms and formats, tweaking the article word count a bit, or something even bigger – it’s important to have in mind that things tend to change over time. Something may be working for you at this moment, but it might suddenly stop bringing results. Not being able to identify why is rather frustrating, but it’s more important to keep your head high and turn to new tactics that might work.

The more you experiment with different things, the bigger the chances you’ll have of discovering new channels, appealing formats, topics, and techniques for generating leads.

If nothing else, frequent A/B tests can bring fresh insights to the table. Instead of guessing what works and what doesn’t, you can have actual proof regarding the type of tricks you should continue to follow and the ones you should eliminate from your routine.

Over to You

Thank you for taking the time to read this article in its entirety. As you can see from everything written above, crafting a smart content strategy is never an easy process. It takes a lot of time, focus, and dedication to come up with the right foundation for your future content marketing efforts. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the hassle.

Creating measurable frameworks will certainly help you work more effectively and with a clearer focus. That’s exactly what many iGaming affiliates lack.

Content marketing requires consistent monitoring and tweaking in order to get it right. You can’t really expect to reach someone if you don’t truly understand their pain points. By identifying the problems your target audience struggles with, you can position yourself as the perfect problem-solver and develop meaningful relationships with them. A well-crafted content strategy will help you keep your eye on the ball and ensure that all your efforts are directed towards achieving your most important business goals.