For most affiliate marketers, online gambling looks like a genuine goldmine. In just 10 years, the online gambling industry has literally doubled its worth. Back in 2009, the overall worth of the market was estimated at 20.51 billion U.S. dollars, and now, according to the latest records published by Statista, that number has gone up to an impressive 55.19 billion.

These findings and numerous affiliate success stories have made iGaming a tempting niche to tap in, especially for those marketers who play games of chance themselves. Poker, blackjack, roulette, lotteries, bingo, sports betting – these are all different niches affiliates can operate in. Some are more competitive than the others, but nonetheless – all of them offer great opportunities for making money.

For affiliates, high competition doesn’t really mean a bad thing. A highly-competitive terrain usually means that money is being spent and made on that particular ground. And given the fact that most gambling sites are constantly looking for new ways to grab their competitors’ traffic and steal their customers – a smart affiliate marketer can make a small fortune in this market.

However, even though iGaming seems like heaven for affiliates, it’s important to mention that it’s still a tricky game. Most affiliates, especially those less experienced ones, tend to struggle in this market. In most cases, that is because they tend to repeat the same rookie mistakes. Here’s a short list of some of the most common mistakes you should try to avoid when promoting gambling sites:

1. Focusing on a Single Traffic Source

This is probably the most common mistake that beginners make in affiliate marketing. They find one traffic source that converts nicely for a moment, and then they pour all of their money and efforts into it.

In 9 out of 10 cases, this particular approach tends to backfire. A single cow has only a certain amount of milk to give. You can try to milk as much and as hard as you can, but when the tank is dry, it’s over.

For most affiliates, YouTube and email are channels that tend to work well. YouTube is now the biggest search engine in the world, and email still represents a great platform for getting the right information in front of the right people. When people subscribe to your YouTube channel and newsletter, that usually means that they’re really interested in your content. They actually want to see it and consume it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should just bombard them with everything you got. If your content is way too aggressive and promotional, people will start to get irritated, which usually means that they will begin to ignore your messages. They’ll think of you as a spammer, and once that happens – it’s game over. You’ll lose them forever.

As you can see from the statistics we have mentioned in the first part of this article, iGaming is broad and well spread across the web. Once you really get to know your audience, you’ll see that people who love playing games of chance online are spread across different corners and channels of the Internet.

There are many traffic sources you could use to reach potential players. Every single one of them has differed in importance, but all of them are worth at least a certain amount of your time and efforts. If you don’t invest the energy to get to know how your prospects behave on different channels, you won’t be able to utilize all of your options.

By focusing on a single traffic source, you are not only missing out on a lot, but you are also putting your business at risk, especially from the SEO perspective. Google favors websites that seem to naturally attract traffic from various sources, as it helps the site in question build authority and showcase itself as valuable.

The Internet is not just Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Quora, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Groupon, Foursquare – these are just a couple of alternative communities that offer affiliates a great chance to broaden their influence and diversify their traffic.

2. Promoting Way too Many Brands at the Same Time

There are dozens of iGaming brands out there, and since the quality of their service affects your success in this business, you should choose wisely with whom you partner up.

When selecting a brand to promote, you may be tempted to strike up a deal with multiple gambling companies at the same time, which is fine, but only if you make sure that you have the capacity to help all of them. Apart from that, you need to make sure that the brands you select aren’t really in direct competition with each other. Partnering with too similar online casinos can bring you a lot of unwanted problems.

Being too ambitious and over-enthusiastic is the most common flaw that rookie affiliates have at the start of their career. Trying to juggle many different things at the same time can cause a lot of headaches. This sort of approach leads to poor time management, lack of focus, and constant burnouts.

Smart and successful affiliates focus on quality, not quantity. If you don’t want to fall down the same rabbit hole as most other younger affiliates do, our advice to you is to pick a handful of excellent brands and focus all of your energy on getting them players. Commit more time to a single brand, because it will be a lot easier to scale once you do proper groundwork. You can always expand your partner list and grow your business over time. Make sure that you give each campaign the individual attention it needs to succeed.

3. Sharing Just Content, Not Value

Contrary to how most online marketing gurus talk about affiliate marketing, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You can’t really get rich overnight and live the rest of your days from passive income just by targeting people with ads. It doesn’t work like that.

Regardless of the niche or market you operate in, you need to provide the right people with the right value in order to get ahead. Creating misleading ads, over-optimizing pages, and producing thin content doesn’t really cut it anymore. People want more than just cheesy CTAs and nice pictures in return for their attention.

Those who enter this game thinking they are going to get rich without breaking a sweat usually fail at the starting line. Agility and commitment are the two pillars of every affiliate marketing success story. In order to get people to acknowledge and respond to your messages, you need to provide them with enough reasons to visit your site and trust your content. Don’t just think about earning a commission – think about how you can actually help people and become their go-to resource for topics of interest.

Make sure to offer quality, both in means of content and overall experience when they interact with your website. Details such as design or the overall structure of the website play an important role, as well.

4. Lack of Optimization and Proper Monitoring

Marketing is all about tracking and optimizing data. If you want to succeed online in this day and age, you need to closely observe your efforts and figure the cause and effects of what you’re doing online. You need to know what campaigns are working for you, what aren’t, and why. Recognizing good patterns is the only thing that will help you learn and become more successful at what you do.

Even though most affiliates know that data matters, a lot of them don’t really take the time to properly read it, nor to understand it. They get stuck on vanity metrics and mistake them for relevant insights, which, of course, is wrong.

There are numerous tools and methodologies out there that could easily help you understand your current performance and test your hypothesis. Tools like Google Analytics, Optinmonster, and others offer affiliates everything they need to spit test their efforts and analyze traffic. With the help of these and similar other utilities, everyone can understand how to smarter allocate their budget and get more from their efforts.

Over to You

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope it helped you see what are some of the biggest and most common mistakes newbie affiliates tend to make in this industry. As you can see from everything written above, even though affiliate marketing is on the rise, and the iGaming industry is constantly growing – this is still not a terrain where money falls magically in your lap. Fast results are possible, but you need to be willing to invest true effort. If you want to reach the five-figure income, it is achievable. However, it takes patience until you get the ball rolling, but once you get things in motion – everything will start to roll a lot smoother.