Affiliate marketing is a lucrative advertising model. According to a recent study, almost 40 percent of all marketing professionals rely more on affiliate marketing than anything else when it comes to acquiring customers.

Affiliate marketing is everywhere today! As of 2016, more than 80 percent of brands have started investing top dollar into this practice in order to help them earn more quality leads and improve their overall business.

With the help of affiliate marketing, a lot of companies have not only reduced their ad spending but managed to gain more customers as well. Affiliate marketing is now an integral part of almost every industry, but nowhere near as it is in online gambling.

Welcome to the iGaming Affiliate World

The online gambling industry is continuously growing. By the end of 2022, it is estimated to reach the value of a staggering $81,71 billion. According to Statista, the market has gone from $20 billion to $50 billion in just 9 years. Having these numbers in mind, we can safely say that iGaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the modern web.

Every single day, millions of people from every corner of the world play games of chance from the comfort of their homes and enjoy all the little perks that come with betting online.  

However, thanks to the massive growth of the industry, a lot of companies still struggle to get people to visit their websites and join the games. The competition is just too harsh right now and businesses are constantly going head-to-head with each other for the same customers.

It’s of little wonder why the number of iGaming affiliates is growing exponentially.

Affiliates play an important part in iGaming. They have largely influenced the overall growth of this industry. Betting companies rely heavily on affiliates to drive players to their websites. They are willing to pay sweet commissions to everyone who brings them engaging customers.

Leveraging Affiliate Programs

Loads of online casinos have their own affiliate programs. These programs are basically marketing agencies that specialize in affiliate marketing. All of them are performance-based, which means that affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts result in transactions.

Most of them use revenue share payment structures that give affiliates a predetermined percentage of the profit generated by the traffic they’ve produced for the brand in a month’s time. However, even though this is the dominant model, there are still more than a few affiliates who operate on a CPA (cost per acquisition) principle. Regardless of which group you belong to, the earnings are always based on performance.

It is super easy to join an affiliate program. Everyone can do it and since there are no real signup or account maintenance fees, it’s safe to say that doing affiliate marketing for betting brands is ‘free of charge’.

All you really need to get started is a website where you can promote the brands using banner ads, native articles, or other types of modern advertising. Once one of your promotional efforts creates an interaction with the users, you receive a commission. The more interactions you establish between the brands and your audience, the more money you’ll earn from the programs.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, but only in theory.

Affiliates need to be careful when it comes to selecting a program to join. Some affiliate programs have negative carryovers and bundling schemes which may be perceived as a disadvantage for the markets. Before you get involved with any program, it’s advisable to first read the fine print and educate yourself about all the options. You don’t want to be a part of something that doesn’t really work for you.

Apart from taking the time to select the right program to join, affiliates need to be picky when it comes to choosing which brands to promote. Before you partner up with someone, you should always perform a detailed background check. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the brand’s history and see if it’s trustworthy enough to promote on your website and channels. In order to make your efforts truly count, you must believe in the brands you’re promoting. If that’s not the case, people will see through your efforts, which also means that they won’t interact with anything you put out.

The Hustle

Even though selecting the right type network and brands to partner with plays a crucial part in this equation, your overall success as an affiliate marketer in the iGaming industry still largely depends on your ability to spread your messages across the right communities and get people to interact with your advertisements and content.

Same as in any other industry, affiliate marketing in online gambling is largely dependent on the grind.

A big part of the process revolves around planning and executing your efforts. Affiliates working within the iGaming industry need to find the right advertising platform for achieving their goals, execute the strategy, measure their success, and adjust the details of their campaigns in order to get as much ROI as possible. All of that requires a lot of work and outside-of-the-box thinking.

In order to build a name for yourself in iGaming, you need to develop a powerful following. Without a big network of people who will click on your advertisements and conduct desired actions, you won’t get far. In order to attract the right type of visitors and encourage them to keep coming back to your site, it’s imperative that you distribute a lot more than just promotional content on your site.

iGaming affiliates need to educate and inspire their targeted audience, not just bombard them with ads. If you focus on the wrong type of content and look at the wrong metrics, you won’t be able to get any ROI from your efforts. You’ll end up wasting your time, energy and money on nothing.

If you want to get ahead and encourage people to interact with your output, you need to figure out how to generate traffic of higher quality, while making sure that you’re correctly capitalizing on it.

Lazy and outdated marketing tactics don’t work anymore. Regardless of how many people still rely on them, display ads aren’t as effective as they used to be. People have stopped registering them ages ago. Today, more than 200 million Internet users use ad-blockers. As the Wall Street Journal has revealed, these blockers have cost publishers more than $21 billion in revenue in 2015 alone. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Business Insider’s study predicts that by the end of 2021, video will account for almost 80 percent of the entire online traffic. Most successful affiliates are aware of this and they are doing everything in their power to adapt to the changing terrain.

Closing Words

As we can conclude from everything written above, becoming a successful iGaming affiliate marketer is a rewarding, but often challenging job. Even though the betting industry is still booming and a lot of people are still showing interest in playing games of chance online, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to break through the noise and grow their user base, while preserving their existing customer base.

As an iGaming affiliate, your job is to bridge the gap between the online betting brands and their users. Even though this seems like a fairly simple job where you can easily earn a ton of money just by spreading the word around about brands in popular communities, in reality, things are far more complicated than they appear to be.

Modern iGaming affiliates cannot just rely on basic ads. They need to become versatile in content marketing, SEO, social media, networking, and any other form of modern marketing. If they want make a living by promoting online casinos across the web, affiliates need to understand that old methods no longer apply here. iGaming has become a far more competitive and serious business, and it requires a far more tactical approach to marketing.

Contrary to popular opinion, modern iGaming affiliates don’t have 4-hour work weeks and they don’t just run ads while they sunbathe on the beach. No, they work hard and grind hard for every commission. It’s a lucrative business that demands dedication and hard work for every new customer.